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Poster: capsgd Date: Sep 2, 2012 5:13pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: No longer waiting for delivery of the Spring '90 Box

just an opinion -no offense to anyone-
here at the archive my love of the GD was renewed
3 yr.s ago I had no idea I'd hear so many great aud.s
recordings...about 10 yrs ago I bought a dozen or more boots
from a CD store (remember them?) I went in one day and was told Mickey Hart had come in the day before and thrown a temper tantrum about these boots.....I got the impression he was saying it was his work and this meant the money was by-passing him/and family -not sure -I wasn't there...
anyway I don't have any of those now..even though they represent a couple hundred $ they were either poor sounding or replaced -like the 66' live I found later in the Warner Bros box set...anyway a few yrs passed before I found the archive...its wonderful!!!
no only great aud.s but wonderful for the semi-unemployed people like renewed my interest in the GD tenfold,
I'd seen them first live in 72'up to 77' but in early 80s lost interest the Warfield 80 stuff didn't impress me..I like it better now..and due to archive I now have about 300 downloads..and have found many jems past the date where I thought they were 'done' but I must say of all the downloads I have listened to- it turns out for me 66' to 82/83' are full of great shows but only a dozen or so after that.
none of the Dicks picks/official releases after 82 hold my interest..they bring me down and send me to the years before
the coma/etc so to me I think the GD from 66' to 83 as the best band ever -passing the Beatles and Stones etc on the live show side -by a far margin
but from what Ive heard of the 90s its sad -and that all I can say...Jerry was a wonder charming considerate man..
up to the end...but I can't dig much of the last 14 yrs